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Friday, February 23, 2018
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Meredith Responds to Campton 2nd Alarm Structure Fire
February 5, 2018

Meredith's 14 Engine 4 responded to Campton for a 2nd alarm structure fire at 522 NH Route 175. The original assignment was to provide a cover truck for Campton-Thornton Station 1 but was diverted to the scene when another mutual aid company was unable to fill the assignment to for an engine to the scene. The engine crew assisted with salvage and overhaul. 14 Engine 4 was released from the scene at 22:54 hours.

Meredith Companies on scene: 14 Engine 4

Meredith Crews Assist at 4 Alarm Structure Fire in Holderness
February 4, 2018

Meredith companies responded to what eventually would become a 4 alarm building fire at 450 East Holderness Road in Holderness. Meredith companies were alerted at 4:29 hours as part of a 1st alarm. 14 Engine 4 with a crew of four responded to the scene. Shortly afterward, command upgraded the incident to a 3rd alarm which sent 14 Engine 1 to the scene. Both engine companies assisted with fire suppression of the 32' by 34' 2½ story wood frame dwelling while both pieces of apparatus were place into a tanker shuttle to support water supply at the scene. Command later requested a 4th alarm for additional tankers. Meredith companies were released from the scene at 10:39 hours.

Meredith Companies on scene: 14 Engine 1, 14 Engine 4, 14C1

Automatic Aid to Structure Fire in New Hampton
January 6, 2018

Meredith companies responded automatic aid for a building fire at 63 Beech Hill Rd in New Hampton. New Hampton and Meredith companies were alerted at 3:09 hours While companies were en route to the scene, information was received that the building was fully involved. 17C1 then requested a 1st alarm. A short time later, 17C1 advised he was still approximately 1 mile from the scene with heavy fire visible. He then requested a 2nd alarm. 14 Engine 1 arrived on scene and encountered an unplowed driveway which delayed the fire attack. Recent snowstorms had dumped approximately 30 inches of snow in the area. In addition to the deep snow, crews struggled with temperatures that hovered around -10° F. Reports were also received that the occupant of the residence could not be located. Crews from several area towns battled the flames for several hours as the fire had extended from the house to an attached barn. 17C1 requested a 3rd alarm at 6:14 to bring additional manpower to the scene due to the weather conditions. Meredith companies were released from the scene at approximately 9:00 hours.

Meredith Companies on scene: 14 Engine 1, 14 Engine 2, 14 Engine 4, 14C1, 14C2

Meredith Companies Assist at 2nd Alarm Structure Fire in Laconia
August 25, 2017

Meredith companies were called to Laconia at 10:01 hours for a building fire at 385 Meredith Center Road. Laconia companies were originally dispatched at 9:59 to a fire alarm activation at the Laconia Transfer Station. Laconia companies arrived on scene at 9:59 with fire showing from a 3 1/2 story equivalent, 100' x 125' storage building. The officer of 13 Engine 1 requested a 1st alarm. 14 Engine 4 was dispatched to the scene as part of the 1st alarm assignment. At 10:06, command requested an additional ladder to the scene. 14 Tower 1 was dispatched to fill that assignment. Command requested the 2nd alarm at 10:16 for additional tankers to the scene.14 Engine 4 assisted with water supply while the crew of 14 Tower 1 ventilated the structure. With that task was completed, Tower 1 was then set up at the rear of the building and assisted with fire suppression. All Meredith companies were placed in service at 15:30.

Meredith Companies on scene: 14 Engine 4, 14 Tower 1, 14C1

3rd Alarm Structure Fire in Sandwich
July 18, 2017

Meredith companies were called into Sandwich to assist at a third alarm structure fire. Sandwich companies were alerted at 18:22 hours of a building fire at 251 Squam Lake Road. At 18:25, the Sandwich Fire Chief (20C1) responding to the scene reported heavy smoke in the area and requested a first alarm.14 Engine 1 was dispatched as part of the first alarm assignment. 20C1 arrived on scene at 18:26 and reported a 40' x 50' 2 and one half story home well involved and requested a second alarm. This request added 14 Engine 4 to the response from Meredith. Meredith personnel assisted with fire attack and water supply. 20C1 called for a third alarm at 18:51 for additional manpower to the scene due to hot and humid weather conditions. All Meredith companies were in service at 22:17.

Meredith Companies on scene: 14 Engine 1, 14 Engine 4, 14C1

Meredith Crews Battle 1st Alarm Structure Fire
June 25, 2017

Meredith companies were alerted at 17:56 hours for a building fire at 388 Daniel Webster Highway. Meredith PD units arriving on scene shortly after the tone reported heavy fire showing from a single wide mobile home with multiple exposures. 14C3 (Haines) immediately called for a first alarm. In addition to all Meredith companies, apparatus and personnel from Laconia, Center Harbor, Moultonborough, Holderness, and Gilford responded to the scene.

The crew of 14 Engine 1 initiated an aggressive attack through the front door and quickly knocked down the fire. A crew from 14 Engine 3 advanced an additional line to the rear of the structure to assist with extinguishment. Mutual aid companies assisted with overhaul.

Ashland provided a cover truck at the Meredith Downtown Station, while New Hampton covered the Meredith Center Station. All companies were in service by 20:30 hours.

Meredith companies on scene:
14 Engine 1, 14 Engine 4, 14 Engine 3, 14 Rescue 1, 14 Utility 1

Mutual aid companies on scene:
13 Engine 5 (Laconia), 5 Engine 1 (Center Harbor),
15 Engine 4 (Moultonborough), 12 Engine 5 (Holderness), 8 Engine 2 (Gilford)

Mutual aid companies at cover:
2 Engine 1 (Ashland), 17 Engine 2 (New Hampton)

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