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Wednesday, May 25, 2016
Fire Danger Today:

First Alarm Brush Fire
April 14, 2016

Meredith personnel were alerted at 12:44 to a report of a brush fire on NH Route 25 in the area of Keyser Road. 14C9 (Cornelissen) arrived on scene and advised of an approximate 100' x 100' area burning and fire was spreading at a moderate rate. He also reported a second fire approximately 100 yards away nearly identical in size. Center Harbor companies were requested to the scene at 12:49. The fire continued to spread and a first alarm was requested at 12:54. In addition to Center Harbor, this first alarm brought crews from Laconia and Moultonborough to the scene. Holderness and Bristol provided cover trucks for both Meredith stations. At 13:47, Meredith command advised the fire had been contained and placed the incident under control. Companies remained on scene until 15:57.

The fire burned approximately six acres and the cause remains under investigation.

Companies on scene: 14 Forestry 1, 14 Forestry 2, 14 Engine 1, 14 Tanker 5, 5 Rescue 1, 13 Forestry 1, 15 Forestry 2, 15 Utility 1

Command: 14C9

Fire Permits Required

As of March 7, 2016, a written fire permit must be obtained for any open burning without adequate snow cover anywhere in the Town of Meredith. Snow cover must be present for a 100 foot radius around the area you intend to burn in. Permits can be obtained at the following locations during normal business hours:

  • Meredith Fire Department - 286 Daniel Webster Highway
  • Meredith Town Offices - 41 Main Street
  • Y-Landing Marine Services - 108 Powers Road

    Permits can also be obtained online.

Go to the Fire Permit page for more information.

Meredith Fire Department Announces Promotions
March 4, 2016
The Meredith Fire Department is pleased to announce several promotions. They are:
  • Captain Jay Haines to Second Deputy Chief
  • Lieutenant David Parker to Captain
  • Tyler Currier to Lieutenant
  • Jason Haines to Lieutenant
Congratulations to all and good luck in your new positions!

Moultonborough Second Alarm Structure Fire
December 27, 2015

Meredith companies were called to assist in Moultonborough at 18:13 for a second alarm structure fire at 768 Whittier Highway in Moultonborough. 14 Engine 1 and 14 Tanker 5 were requested to the scene. Moultonborough companies had arrived on scene of a a large 2 and a half story residence with fire showing. Meredith personnel assisted with water supply, fire supression, and overhaul. Companies from Center Harbor, Sandwich, Holderness, Ashland, Tuftonboro, and Tamwort also assisted at the scene.

Meredith companies were placed in service at 21:04

Meredith Companies Assist With 5 Alarm Structure Fire in Campton
November 11, 2015
Meredith companies were alerted at 4:44 for 14 Tanker 5 as part of a second alarm assignment to provide station coverage at Campton Station 1. Campton-Thornton Fire Department companies were responding to a confirmed structure fire at the Armont Inn in Campton, located at 311 Ellsworth Hill Road.

Campton-Thornton crews arrived a short time later and found an approximate 100' x 40' barn well involved. The barn was attached to a larger building that was formerly used as an inn. A third alarm was requested due to the heavy involvement of the building and the distance from the scene to a water source. 14 Tanker 5 diverted to the scene.

A fourth alarm was requested at 5:02 with additional tankers being requested a short time later, making the fire the equivalent of 5 alarms. 14 Engine 2 responded to cover Campton Station 1 as part of the 4th alarm.

When 14 Tanker 5 arrived on scene the truck was placed into the tanker shuttle that had been set up to provide a water supply. The crew from the truck went to the fire building and began assisting with suppression operations, and later, overhaul which took several hours. Meredith companies were placed in service at 10:23 hours.

In all, 30 pieces of apparatus and approximately 60 firefighters responded to the scene.

Meredith Fire Department Awarded Grant
August 6, 2015

Chief Ken Jones announced today that the Meredith Fire Department has received an award of $380,953.00 for vehicle acquisition through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Assistance to Firefighter Grant program.

The award will be used towards the acquisition of a new pumper-tanker and will replace two pieces of apparatus, a 1983 pumper (14 Engine 4) and a 1988 pumper-tanker (14 Tanker 5). Both pieces will then be retired from service.

A truck committee has been formed and specifications are currently under development. The new engine will carry between 2500 and 3000 gallons of water and will be equipped with a 1750 or 2000 gallon per minute pump.

Route 25 1st Alarm Fire
June 31, 2015

Meredith Fire Department personnel were alerted at 12:04 to a structure fire at 336 NH Route 25. 20C4, who happened to be passing by, reported smoke showing from a 40' x 30' one and a half story single family dwelling. Based on the radio report, 14C2 requested a first alarm. 14 Engine 1 arrived at 12:13 and began fire suppression operations quickly making a knockdown on the fire.The first alarm brought Laconia, Center Harbor, Moultonborough and Gilford to the scene. New Hampton and Ashland provided engine companies to cover Meredith station during the incident All companies were in service at 13:59.

Command: 14C1

Companies on scene: 14 Engine 1, 14 Tanker 5, 14 Tower 1, 14 Engine 3, 13 Engine 5, 5 Engine 1, 15 Engine 4, 8 Tanker 1, 45 Ambulance 2

Companies at cover: 2 Engine 1, 2 Utility 1, 17 Engine 1

Meredith Crews Kept Busy
June 16, 2015

The Meredith Fire Department had a busy day today responding to several incidents.

The first incident for the day saw 14 Tanker 5 respond to 12 Boynton Road in New Hampton for a first alarm structure fire at 8:21. The tanker crew assisted with suppression and overhaul operations. 14 Tanker 5 was inserted into the tanker shuttle that had been established for water supply. 14 Tanker 5 was released by New Hampton command at 9:21 and returned to Meredith.

The second incident at 10:13 sent Meredith Fire and Stewart's Ambulance personnel to a motor vehicle accident in front of 444 Daniel Webster Highway (US Route 3). Information relayed to responding companies by the LRMFA Communications Center avised of at least three vehicles involved with airbag deployment. 14C1 arrived and confirmed the information but reported a T-bone type collision and that one vehicle occupant would need extrication. 14 Engine 1's crew deployed the hydraulic rescue tools and went to work, quickly removing the drivers door. Stewart's Ambulance personnel transported the vehicle operator to Lakes Region General hospital with non-life threatening injuries. All companies were in service at 10:53.

Command: 14C1

Companies on scene: 14 Engine 1

Meredith Fire Department personnel also responded to Interlakes High School and the Winnipesaukee Playhouse for fire alarm activations later in the day.

New 14 Rescue 1
June 15, 2015
Chief Ken Jones and two members of the Truck Committee traveled to Manasquan, New Jersey to inspect the progress of the new 14 Rescue 1 that is being built by Rescue 1 Manufacturing. This vehicle will feature a Will-burt® light tower, a 60 gallon CAFS system for fire suppresion at accident scenes, and an onboard cascade and fill station for refilling SCBA cylinders on scene. Rescue 1 informed us that the work is on schedule and an early September 2015 delivery to the Meredith Fire Department is expected.

Second Alarm Structure Fire on Main Street
March 28, 2015
The Meredith Fire Department along with Stewart's Ambulance were alerted at 16:05 to a report of a structure fire at 133 Main Street. 45 Ambulance 4 arrived on scene at 16:48 and advised of a two story single family dwelling with smoke showing from the eaves. 14C2 requested a first alarm immediately after the report. Meredith personnel then arrived and began suppression operations. Crews encountered a heavy smoke condition in the building and fire on the second floor. The first alarm brought companies from Laconia, Center Harbor, Moultonborough, Holderness and New Hampton to the scene.

14C2 requested a second alarm at 16:43 for additional manpower due to the difficulty extinguishing the fire in several void spaces in the dwelling originally built in 1869. This brought additional help to the scene from Gilford and Bristol. Ashland and Sandwich provided station coverage for the Meredith stations.

Command advised at 17:30 that the fire had been knocked down and crews were beginning overhaul.

All companies were in service at 19:38 hours.

Command: 14C2

Companies on scene: 14 Engine 1
, 14 Tanker 5, 14 Tower 1, 14 Engine 3, 14 Utility 1 (Air Unit),
                                    13 Ladder 1, 5 Engine 1, 5 Rescue 1, 15 Engine 4, 12 Engine 5,
                                    17 Engine 1, 8 Engine 1, 8 Engine 4, 8 Utility 1 (Air Unit), 4 Engine 4
                                    and 4 Rescue 1.

Companies at Cover: 20 Engine 3, 2 Engine 1

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